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File: 1545168524496.png (195.09 KB, 834x1238, garbage01.png)

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This is where I'll be dumping my garbage! Hurray!

>What's going to happen to the tumblr space place

I'll probably be shutting down the concrete staircase at some point (when I get round to it in a few months I suspect), but for Queenie's comic I'll keep up until tumblr *actually* dies, which can be any day now, really. Then I don't know what lol.

Before I moved to tumblr, I used a thread remarkably similar to this one in order to distribute my junk. It's as simple as it gets. There's no login wall, no paywall, no downscaling in resolution or lossy compression, the content browsing is easy (you scroll up) and anyone is free to view and comment without needing to sign up to any other service. This solution fits my needs, and I'll be using my twitter for updates (which would inevitably lead back to here for high-res or full comics). I'll also be double posting stuff on Patreon. Inevitably many will call me gay for picking this bizarre solution over something they suggested, so by all means repost any of my junk onto whatever site you want (with source).

Onto the thread. A couple of things:
1. Read the rules: https://subchan.org/ab/res/1.html#q1
2. Feel free to post in this thread, but don't shitpost too much
3. I won't post horse in this thread, that goes over here: https://mlpg.co/art/res/16668.html
4. You want to start your own thread for your own junk? Help yourself!

Twatter: https://twitter.com/shoutingisfun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoutingisfun
Queenie&Anon's Adventure: https://queenieadventure.tumblr.com/post/174249703503/about
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Holy shit we can get commissions from you??


That's one fine looking pussy!


That's some grade A+ pussy's pussy! P:
Only thing missing is a (gaping) pussy hole filled w/ cum

And if I give you 2-3 marmites, can I get a comission too?


Excellent as always, Shout.


its a joke idiot



How could anyone think it was legit? Marmite is terrible and not worth a penny.


Fuck… What the hell do I do with all this fuckin marmite then?


inb4 a cat is fine too



fuck it


Friday is the day today is


Checked. A cat is always fine.


File: 1617412345451-0.png (1.82 MB, 1255x1119, linda1.png)

File: 1617412345451-1.png (502.15 KB, 936x621, linda2.png)

I've been looking forward to this. Welcome to Arbitrarily Abandoning Apocryphal Animal April, or just AAAAA. Imma draw some stuff throughout this months that won't be affiliated with any franchises. Feel as though I could do with the practice and creative shackle-shrugging.

Hoppy (hah aha get it because easter bunny hopping fuck you) Friday night

The marmite part was a joke, but I can buy many jars with the delivered dorrar.


well open your wallet for dollars to fly in, then
also, I hope Office Lady finds someone to spend her evenings with.


>hello? quintuple A?
here's hoping we get some non-franchise lewds at some point


is it going to be all humies?
you know, if we are abandoning animal peopl for april…
maybe some robot girls will do the trick…


Welcome to another Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


File: 1618002075054-0.png (824.02 KB, 1288x1533, facessketches.png)

File: 1618002075054-1.png (266.54 KB, 841x935, koboldish.png)

Just a few sketchy silly things, man this week has been busy. I want to do something cool for next week, really push myself. Hopefully it won't be shit lol.


>something cool
why stop at cool when you can go for downright RAD


It's been about a month since I went digging and found the link to this thread. I wanna say that it was buried in the Twitter comments somewhere, but I can't be sure. I was on a dive looking for your art for 5 hours straight man, it was like a fever dream.

Just 3 more weeks before the semester is over. Happy weekend fellas!


File: 1618087264449.png (1.34 MB, 1084x1332, bovine.png)

oh yeah and i forgot i sketched this earlier in the week but it looks better as a thumbnail lol
welcome to this really bizarre club


I love big titty minotaurs.


I love bovine girls so much, thank you shouty


bottom left reminds me of taric


Now there's a golden calf I'd worship.


File: 1618482377152.png (315.5 KB, 849x834, milk.png)

in fact i'm now doing a dumb lil comic about a big cow
probably not by tomorrow, but remember to have a nice weekend regardless


File: 1618501108856.gif (358.02 KB, 500x357, 1591980756060.gif)


looking forward to it


We are truly blessed bois.


minotaur babies spotted on the horizon


File: 1618568336792.gif (22.35 KB, 288x162, 3D81CEA5-332A-456E-AB7D-C3….gif)


it better have lactation and facesitting you coward




Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


File: 1619225017195.png (4.69 MB, 964x4784, whole milk.png)

feels like it's been ages since I had done a comic. I'd better get back to working on the other one, eh?

happy friday night laddos

Sorry bro


happy friday, shout
and little does new guy know, cows need that every day.


Delightful, but you sure a tease.
I had hoped to see more…


File: 1619266864231.png (710.8 KB, 970x503, Sin título.png)


It's like you get off on torturing me shout


She sucked out his goldurn soul


Feretta is such a treasure.


>I'd better get back to working on the other one, eh?
Yes please.


good shit



Holy shit the coloring on this is amazing. The shadows on the walls and the light diffusing around the skin.

God damn, Shout this is a masterpiece.



well…. it has implied lactation


File: 1619780884962.png (25.03 KB, 496x495, i need you to work overtim….png)

Cancel your friday nights for a while, I'm working on the comic. Feels great to get back into it. Inevitably the first few panels are opening/establishing shots so they're taking an unnecessarily long time, but it's fun, and page 1 is done. The plan is to do a 'part' and post it, rather than massing all the 'parts' and posting them in a weekly sched because that approach, judging by that bloody flower comic, will take years. It should'nt take that long until part 1 is up, assuming nothing awful happens. Excite!

Also I painted a cat. Binary brushes are great for this style. Happy đ¶→ðæ← night.


good kot
and looking forward to the rolling releases.



Drunk Queenie? Is that happening??


Awesome can't wait wait to see it


File: 1619861233190.png (290.88 KB, 500x375, 1594759986076.png)


File: 1620076139915.jpeg (170.99 KB, 960x960, 382AA7B0-7D85-472D-99C2-A….jpeg)

10/10 would fuck it


yeah it knows. look at that side-eye. it knows

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