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File: 1545168524496.png (195.09 KB, 834x1238, garbage01.png)

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This is where I'll be dumping my garbage! Hurray!

>What's going to happen to the tumblr space place

I'll probably be shutting down the concrete staircase at some point (when I get round to it in a few months I suspect), but for Queenie's comic I'll keep up until tumblr *actually* dies, which can be any day now, really. Then I don't know what lol.

Before I moved to tumblr, I used a thread remarkably similar to this one in order to distribute my junk. It's as simple as it gets. There's no login wall, no paywall, no downscaling in resolution or lossy compression, the content browsing is easy (you scroll up) and anyone is free to view and comment without needing to sign up to any other service. This solution fits my needs, and I'll be using my twitter for updates (which would inevitably lead back to here for high-res or full comics). I'll also be double posting stuff on Patreon. Inevitably many will call me gay for picking this bizarre solution over something they suggested, so by all means repost any of my junk onto whatever site you want (with source).

Onto the thread. A couple of things:
1. Read the rules: https://subchan.org/ab/res/1.html#q1
2. Feel free to post in this thread, but don't shitpost too much
3. I won't post horse in this thread, that goes over here: https://mlpg.co/art/res/16668.html
4. You want to start your own thread for your own junk? Help yourself!

Twatter: https://twitter.com/shoutingisfun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoutingisfun
Queenie&Anon's Adventure: https://queenieadventure.tumblr.com/post/174249703503/about
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What did he mean by this?



Only the truly pervy fuckers can read that. Alas, I can't.


Oh it's glorious. Come to the dark side, brother/sister/chameleon-thing that wears the skins of humans. It's a wonderful place.


shhhh shut the fuck up I'm spying


File: 1628248514976.jpg (50.89 KB, 723x843, scally or whatever.jpg)

As well as wearing my sysadmin hat I'm also wearing my DIY hardhat. My usual drawing setup is in pieces in 3 rooms as we're doing work to the house. Kind of an emergency but things should be much better after it's all done (some time next week). In the mean time I'm back to pencil&paper and it's really very comfortable. I still suck at taking photos of it but I'll take pics of some of what I've done (mostly studies) and upload them at another date if desired.

As for the comic uhh the PC (with all the files on it) is currently in a cupboard while work is going on. As I recall I only need to do 3 and a half pages until it's primed for posting, so this month still looks good, provided no further real-life hiccups occur.

Happy whatever the hell this is anymore


thighs and tummy


her large
glad to hear things are moving along without trouble so far.


File: 1628436874937.png (10.35 KB, 327x173, 1477596757456.png)



Thank you for updating us, I hope your situation gets better, good on ya for keeping your house a home.


It is the chosen day of the week.


So is today


So it is. Happy Friday all. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Happy Friday everyone. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


File: 1630113931755.png (287.41 KB, 763x807, i consent.png)

this took an embarrassingly long time to do. not even this picture: drawing 6 poks wearing the same shirt, in different poses, deciding braz, then the one i drew originally i didn't like the perspective, scrapped and redrew, now it's 2:25AM. happy friday somethingsomethingsomething


nice chicken
glad it seems you're set back up properly


That is a funky chicken, sir. Happy Friday Night.


I love chicken!


ride my face cowgirl



So, this is honestly one of my favorite things I've seen in a long time! Absolutely incredible!

Do you mind if I use this as a profile image (with credit being given of course)?


F r i d a y


Another Friday. Another week down. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Have a good three day weekend my American friends.


s a t u r d a y :(


Queenie Adventure vs. The Winds of Winter release date race, place your bets now.


Both a coming before One Piece ends, that I'm sure.


File: 1631267891949-0.png (215.72 KB, 817x1118, megarape.png)

File: 1631267891949-1.png (751.59 KB, 1200x1685, 06.png)

Comic progress is continuing, should have it done somewhere towards end of this month/beginning of next month, 3 and a half more pages to do. Famous last words I know, especially considering I wanted to have it done in fucking Easter last time, and here we are approaching October. It's been a crazy, and at times a deeply unpleasant and stressful year.

Happy Friday not-night but it's bound to be later right.


File: 1631268351365-0.png (469.04 KB, 1937x1188, consent is confusing and o….png)

oh forgot to attach this, other previous attempts, not including ones I had sketched and deleted, in case anyone was remotely curious


it's an almost-halloween miracle
Glad you're seeing the end of it, Shout
and I'm liking the line of consent shirts


that's an interesting expression on that meganium. i can't tell if she's horny or scared.
who was that gonna be on the right?


It's horny. It's always horny.


Why not both?

Short-stack, thicc thighs, board chest… I'm mostly pitcuring a Braixen


File: 1631607667218.png (Spoiler Image, 75.27 KB, 248x226, 434AC70D-1081-4989-B88F-99….png)

Bro, if this thread and the discord server say anything, its that we are in for a penny, in for a pound. And I personally fell in love with your characters and can wait to see more as long as I know there is work being done, and it has been. It definitely helps with the updates to stay entertained


I love her


You guys have a new link?


I saw somewhere there is a discord?


There is one, but I'm not sure how many people will share it.

I'll ask members if I should.


Appreciate it


The prophesy foretold that today… is Friday.


Indeed another glorious Friday to behold friends. Enjoy your weekend.


A day for Deltrarune


this should be good for a week if it's not lying to me.


File: 1631920675891.png (2.95 MB, 2099x1599, scyther.png)

came out worse than my sketch but that's how it usually goes who cares

not many pages to go now. of course before that i've got to upload the previous queenie pages onto comicfury, that'll be a joy.

happy frodo baggins lads hope your weekend is a goodn


how does she put on the panstu
her hands are blades


upskirt, nice


For a second there i thought that was a diaper and she just dropped a huge load


File: 1631933295699.png (4.83 KB, 194x205, 1579014959899.png)

Hhh stretched out panty wrap



don't…. don't give him ideas please


Mantis Panties . . . Manties. . .


Happy Friday to all. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Now's your chance to be a [[BIG SHOT!!!]]



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