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File: 1545168524496.png (195.09 KB, 834x1238, garbage01.png)

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This is where I'll be dumping my garbage! Hurray!

>What's going to happen to the tumblr space place

I'll probably be shutting down the concrete staircase at some point (when I get round to it in a few months I suspect), but for Queenie's comic I'll keep up until tumblr *actually* dies, which can be any day now, really. Then I don't know what lol.

Before I moved to tumblr, I used a thread remarkably similar to this one in order to distribute my junk. It's as simple as it gets. There's no login wall, no paywall, no downscaling in resolution or lossy compression, the content browsing is easy (you scroll up) and anyone is free to view and comment without needing to sign up to any other service. This solution fits my needs, and I'll be using my twitter for updates (which would inevitably lead back to here for high-res or full comics). I'll also be double posting stuff on Patreon. Inevitably many will call me gay for picking this bizarre solution over something they suggested, so by all means repost any of my junk onto whatever site you want (with source).

Onto the thread. A couple of things:
1. Read the rules: https://subchan.org/ab/res/1.html#q1
2. Feel free to post in this thread, but don't shitpost too much
3. I won't post horse in this thread, that goes over here: https://mlpg.co/art/res/16668.html
4. You want to start your own thread for your own junk? Help yourself!

Twatter: https://twitter.com/shoutingisfun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoutingisfun
Queenie&Anon's Adventure: https://queenieadventure.tumblr.com/post/174249703503/about
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File: 1567799439361.gif (2.7 MB, 328x190, 1488846182833.gif)

aaaaah yeah that's some good shit


NEETMareanie is cute! Cute!


Any alternative Tip Jars, like a Ko-fi?


File: 1567831596361.png (357.75 KB, 2032x2095, e6bd01fc967a418c3c17281110….png)

Happy Queenie acquired! YES!


I guess we could just dox him and mail him physical cash


Sounds like a plan.


just shove a check through the folds of reality and directly into his bank account, duh


Oh yeah, that's the shit. I wanna put her in a syringe and inject her directly into my arm.


Make a ko-fi or something


Aww. No more tip jar then?


File: 1568323840850.png (285.23 KB, 673x769, clefable.png)

She borrowed your blah blah blah

rip the tip
lol it won't last
no thanks, I just wanna draw.


Glad you do.
And I wasn't aware there was a lingerie line for pokemon. I imagine some wear it better than others.


>he drew my clefable request from a thousand years ago
I'm gonna print this out and show my mom brb


File: 1568348903085.png (70.66 KB, 559x598, tumblr_omq2ri247Z1r5h2ogo3….png)

>it won't last


>it won't last
>it won't last


File: 1568352806546.jpg (113.11 KB, 500x639, 41d21030fc738808f887e60b2b….jpg)

>lol it won't last
You know what else won't last? Anon in bed when QUEENIE ROCKS HIS WORLD.


File: 1568375362951.png (75.9 KB, 688x595, fuck.png)

you know what i did
my schedule is in that much of a mess i genuinely thought yesterday was friday
my god i'm all over the place


>sad Queenie with a pizza on the floor
No. Bad Shout. Queenie deserves happiness.


it didnt last


guys what if queenie did the stanky leg? haha just kidding… unless?


File: 1568398487642.png (468.37 KB, 1200x894, Mha_2a9e53_6483730.png)

get some fuckin rest, sort your shit out


File: 1568417721017.jpg (62.1 KB, 600x522, if god had not wanted your….jpg)

This is your fate if Queenie doesn't end up happy.


File: 1568423282674.png (79.77 KB, 268x296, Joltic.png)

All these people talking about sad Queenie, and I'm here just wondering if Shout should take a break and a breather. Don't beat yourself up.


May god help the next Hypno that dares to look inside her head. He ain't getting up from being street pizza inside and out.



File: 1568461026610.png (4.32 MB, 1765x2122, bored_doge.png)


I noticed two things on the queenie picture. One it said 82 does that mean that sketch is from page 82? If so man you've been putting in some serious work. Also it looks like she has stitches on her back? I'm probably wrong but those x's kinds look like stitches. Either way I love your work.


Well for me it was :)


-You- can do what you like and not post. I will do no such thing.


Holy fucking shit. I want to bang Queenie so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I read the comic I get a massive erection. I've seen literally every rule 34 post there is of her online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with Queenie. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted inside of Queenie's tight Pokemon pussy. I want her to have my mutant human/pokemon babies.


Jesus dude calm down. It's just a story.


File: 1568510405378.png (64.96 KB, 801x223, 1.png)


This dude gets it


Fuck, my fucking mom caught me with the neighbors dog. I'd dressed her in a Nidoqueen outfit and went to fucking town. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my computer. I might not ever get to see Queenie again.


Well now I feel retarded.


Fag alert


I wonder what Shout thinks of this.


He should be very proud.


File: 1568521111087.gif (5.24 MB, 440x300, tenor.gif)


10/10 could see someone posting this unironically


I am a bit afraid that it was not ironic.


i really hope they touch no-no areas in part 4


The way queenie pounded that first drink I'm thinking there will be drunk confessions.


Anyone have the comics of the Braixen into puking?


File: 1568609621256.jpg (114.69 KB, 1149x973, Avoiding the question.jpg)

Only the parts that make funny reaction images, sorry.


Just re-read the Queenie comic from start to finish. I never realized all the tiny details in the backgrounds of all the panels. It made me all the more thankful that the artist cares so much about his craft to make something that can be read again and again and still have the same positive effect.

Thanks for sharing your stuff Shout. :)



File: 1568655304839.png (353.17 KB, 1011x630, cursed_fortnite.png)

I deeply apologize for what I have created.





Early Queenie was T H I C C

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