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File: 1545168524496.png (195.09 KB, 834x1238, garbage01.png)

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This is where I'll be dumping my garbage! Hurray!

>What's going to happen to the tumblr space place

I'll probably be shutting down the concrete staircase at some point (when I get round to it in a few months I suspect), but for Queenie's comic I'll keep up until tumblr *actually* dies, which can be any day now, really. Then I don't know what lol.

Before I moved to tumblr, I used a thread remarkably similar to this one in order to distribute my junk. It's as simple as it gets. There's no login wall, no paywall, no downscaling in resolution or lossy compression, the content browsing is easy (you scroll up) and anyone is free to view and comment without needing to sign up to any other service. This solution fits my needs, and I'll be using my twitter for updates (which would inevitably lead back to here for high-res or full comics). I'll also be double posting stuff on Patreon. Inevitably many will call me gay for picking this bizarre solution over something they suggested, so by all means repost any of my junk onto whatever site you want (with source).

Onto the thread. A couple of things:
1. Read the rules: https://subchan.org/ab/res/1.html#q1
2. Feel free to post in this thread, but don't shitpost too much
3. I won't post horse in this thread, that goes over here: https://mlpg.co/art/res/16668.html
4. You want to start your own thread for your own junk? Help yourself!

Twatter: https://twitter.com/shoutingisfun
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/shoutingisfun
Queenie&Anon's Adventure: https://queenieadventure.tumblr.com/post/174249703503/about
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File: 1557585367678.jpg (21.44 KB, 810x486, discordhypesquad_2016mar1-….jpg)

In addition to the powertripping and drama, there's also the fact that the community would be splintered, and smaller communities tend to die out.
I personally am convinced that the people who spontaneously suggest using Discord are paid shills and freaks who treat the platform as a cult that they belong to. Everyone else, from every part of the political spectrum, always condemns Discord because, as you've seen, it kills everything it touches, and it's been going on long enough now for most people to be aware of that.


alright then no discord


Would love to see a Gourgeist from you.


File: 1557609224998.png (141.63 KB, 426x667, she's listening to smashin….png)

I don't get the fascination with those weird-looking jetplane blobs.

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's perfect by any stretch, but it's much more open and available than Discord.

To be honest I don't like using discord, but it's more of a necessity at this stage. Regardless of the sever-specific politics and drama that inevitably happens, the software itself is a pretty nasty piece of work, its passive scanning activities aren't too dissimilar from malware (thankfully easily thwarted by sandboxing). Besides, if a fanclub server for me were to exist, would it be any different from the myriad of other art/poke/horse/lewd servers out there? I don't think it's worth it.

Regardless of whatever reason some people have against using a particular service, there are no strings attached here, no sign up requirements, no creepy backend data slurping, it's as simple as it gets.



>Regardless of whatever reason some people have against using a particular service, there are no strings attached here, no sign up requirements, no creepy backend data slurping, it's as simple as it gets.

True and true. I don't even mind the lack of structure on subchan, as long Shout can post his stuff here without any problem, I don't care for anything else.


Excellent bisharp lol


Pumpkin girl is doing her best and that’s the best



weird-looking jetplane blobs vs weird looking gourd blobs


Bulky wife looks cute


File: 1557638385724.jpg (200.94 KB, 964x889, 67768173_p13_master1200.jpg)

The jet pokemon are great tho!


now this is some top notch bisharp.


the jet girl is cute


On the topic of blobs. Voltorb with pink panties that say "just" on the back. Give it goth makeup and a skateboard.



Fuck my tired brain I meant "jucy."


File: 1557692159138.png (1.09 MB, 891x925, JUSTorb.png)


File: 1557711571149.jpg (99.58 KB, 1777x462, IMG_20190512_213105.jpg)

This seems like Queenie


File: 1557712773394.png (2.32 KB, 433x433, sexyVolt.png)

Don't worry anon i got you


every day I spend coming back here I'm reminded more and more why I hate chanboards lmao, shout's lucky he has top-tier content or I'd be out


every day I come back here I'm just reminded why I love to what with all this bullshit that is posted


File: 1557749329089.jpg (103.1 KB, 461x454, e23e5e30fcb8bb2c98876a9ff1….jpg)


File: 1557817034914.png (1.12 KB, 108x108, sexyVolt-sheet.png)


One day


I just saw Detective Pikachu. Man, Audino is way bigger then I thought.



8/8 thnx m8


Any chance for a thicc roserade based loosely on some of the stuff in this paste?


Love the fact the heights were mostly based on the games, Audino is 3'07"/1.1m and Flabébé was almost invisible being only 0'04"/0.1 m lol


That was not three feet. That was like five.


shout when you see this this friday please contact me trough my new twitter account https://twitter.com/MiltonFromTorna
ill tell you how to use the website again


Ain't nobody reading all of that


Worth a shot.


it was a nice story i liked it anon thank you


Machamp is 5 feet/1.6m and Looking how it looked higher than Jim, I guess all the humans in the movie are tall midget then :T


I really hope this is a Queenie day….


Watching and waiting… For Queenie and Anon…


File: 1558135975497.png (748.38 KB, 631x3101, bisharpfull.png)

This week was supposed to be so many other things. A teacher delphox for a (really gay) bud, a steelix and onix comic, a gardening audino - but combination of spending time on another comic and things just not working properly lead to the emotionless bisharp returning. She's kind of growing on me.

I ain't readin that.

sorry lads, it won't be for a while, got one project to work on, then another, THEN i'll be back to Queenie…. then a hiatus come early June for a few weeks while life kicks me in the dick.

Have a top weekend fellas.


File: 1558136144890.png (145.45 KB, 313x350, Brown elf boy.png)

>this hugger doesn't carry cork strips specifically for bladed pokes
this is why spontaneous hugging is child's play. Premeditated cuddling is for big-brain trainers.


also good luck on dealing with the dick kicks, Shout. Hope you and yours have a good summer.


Now that's some quality shit


File: 1558151309437.jpg (141.14 KB, 1057x869, pillow suit.jpg)

This sharp cutie deserves hugs and I won't take no for an answer


What if one of them wore a flex seal/ tape tank top?


File: 1558165499595.jpg (12.58 KB, 184x184, BON.jpg)

Take all the time you need shout.
Thanks for the Friday art! :)


Just give her a pat on the shoulder…pauldrons? Would she even feel the pat?


Hug her anyway.


Another comic? Do tell!


pls draw teacher delphox



>not hugging the bisharp anyway

Pussy, I'd fuck it and risk the cuts, I ain't a bitch.

good shit by the way!


It seems it’s actually safest to kiss her instead of hugs


I must see this in comic form.


Fuck at least put garden gloves on and hold hands?

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